About Us

Commenced in 2006, this course is designed to equip talented students aiming for a professional career in either performance or teaching with the necessary skills and diplomas for a successful future. The course provides an opportunity to fine tune the students’ dancing, singing and drama skills with a view to a career in commercial dance or musical theatre. Students are given the opportunity to work with guest choreographers on a regular basis, exposing them to a broad style of performance, as well as introducing them to professionals currently working in the industry.

Whilst not only producing performers of the highest standard, ready for employment, we offer students training to gain the necessary qualifications for continued work within the entertainment industry. Evening classes are provided to complete CSTD Teaching Certificates or Diplomas in Tapping and Modern Jazz Syllabi.

As contracts are rarely offered to students aged 18 – 21, our goal is to bridge the years between student and professional, allowing the students the opportunity to mature and develop in Queensland with family and friends, then enter directly into the entertainment industry upon graduation. The Conroy Dance Centre has a history of great success in the entertainment industry. We continue this tradition with the CPAC full-time course.

CPAC Part Time - One day a week

For the first time in 2014, CPAC began working with ADi (Australian Dance Institute) offering accredited training to school age students studying Year 11 or 12 in secondary school. This will give talented and dedicated performers the opportunity to receive training assistance to complete a nationally recognized qualification, whilst furthering their dance and performing ability. Students are offered to complete a CERT III in Dance and complete one day of Full Time Dance training each week.

Whilst studying at CPAC, students will have the opportunity to enrol with ADI – this enrolment will be facilitated by CPAC. Throughout the ADi course CPAC will supervise and monitor each student’s progress in conjunction with ADi.

The dance centre is located in Brendale (on Brisbane’s Northside), and operates from a 5 studio purpose-built facility, with superior facilities.

From our internationally reknown Junior Program, specially designed for our tiniest of dancers, through to our professional-class Full Time College, Conroy Dance caters for every child’s tuition. Whether for fun, fitness, or a professional career, Conroy Dance has experienced teachers, award-winning choreography, and every opportunity for the developing performer.